Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions commonly asked by IU High School students

Below you'll find some commonly asked questions and their answers. Our staff, teachers, and advisors are happy to answer any question not listed below. For more information about where to direct your questions, visit our contact page.

Help for a question about your course is always available by e-mail from your instructor. Find your instructor's e-mail address in the course Home page in Canvas.

Help for questions about exams is available from our Exams Coordinator. E-mail

Help for general questions about IU High School, e-mail

IU High School provides a number of tutorials to help students:
Genius Tutorial
Independent Course Tutorial
Cooperataive Course Tutorial

IU High School also provides a Help Portal with links to additional information.

Links to Canvas and Genius can be found on the home page of the IU High School website. You can see a guide to logging in to Canvas and Genius by clicking here.

The main difference between these two types of courses is that in Cooperative courses students have the opportunity to interact and engage with their fellow students, to create a cooperative learning environment.

For Independent courses, interaction is limited to only that between student and teacher. Independent courses all share the same general structure of a series of Lessons. The majority of IU High School courses are Independent.

Cooperative courses are generally organized around Modules instead of Lessons, and are not restricted to one particular structural format.

More information about both types of course formats is available here.


Yes! Parent/guardian information can be included when first setting up an account in Genius (the IUHS Learning Management System.)
Parents can login to Genius here. Your login username can be found in the e-mail sent from Genius when your account was initially created. (It is not your e-mail address.)
Parent/guardian accounts can also be created separately by contacting the IUHS office. Call 1-800-334-1011 or e-mail


Actually, all data from the old SIS is already in Genius. To access your old SIS account, though, you'll need to go contact the IU High School office at or call us at 800.334.1011.

Many courses state that they require the use of Microsoft Word. Having Word installed on your computer is the easiest solution to this requirement, but not the only one.

Here are a few other ways to access and edit Word documents:

  • Download OpenOffice. OpenOffice allows you to open and edit Microsoft documents. The interface is a little different but it works and has been around for many years.
  • If you have a Google Drive account, you can upload Word documents to Drive after you have downloaded the Word document to your computer. When the file is uploaded to Drive, you can do one of two things.
    - In the Chrome browser, install the extension Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides. When you open an Office file, such as a Word document, you should be able to start editing.
    - Convert the Word document to a Google Doc. If you convert the Word document to a Google Doc, you can work on it until you have completed the assignment. At that point, download the Doc as a Word document (go to File -> Download as -> Microsoft Word (.docx) and save it to your computer. Then you can submit that file for your assignment. This presentation shows how to do this.
    You can find directions for working with Word and other Office files in Google Docs on this page.

Yes - there is a link to a pacing guide in every course, usually on the Syllabus page.

You can also find it here: