NCAA Approval

Accredited by the NCAA

NCAA LogoIU High School courses are accredited by the National Collegiate Athletics Association. Students planning to attend and participate in athletics at an NCAA Division I or Division II school or an NAIA school must meet certain academic requirements. Most of the courses offered by IU High School qualify as NCAA core courses. Students should consult with our NCAA Academic Advisor and the NCAA Guide for College-Bound Student Athletes to make sure they meet all requirements for graduation and NCAA eligibility.

The NCAA Eligibility Center website offers more information about eligibility requirements for participation in athletics at NCAA Division I and Division II schools. For information about NAIA schools, visit the NAIA website.

Questions about NCAA requirements?

If you have any questions about which courses are approved by the NCAA, or about meeting requirements to participate in athletics (NCAA Division I or Division II schools, or NAIA schools), please talk to our NCAA academic advisor.

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