Financial Aid

Financial aid for IUHS students

Financial aid options through IU High School include an Indiana University Tuition Benefit, discounts for Indiana students eligible for free or reduced lunches, and a scholarship program for supplemental students administered through participating high schools.

Financial aid details

Indiana University offers a tuition benefit to eligible IU employees and their family members who register for Indiana University High School courses. The benefit provides a 25 percent waiver of course tuition (not fees) for eligible employees and their family members.


You are eligible for the Indiana University High School fee waiver benefit if you are

  • an appointed full-time (100 percent) faculty or staff member who is employed at the time you register.
  • an appointed full-time (100 percent) faculty or staff member who is on an approved leave of absence.
  • have status as an Indiana University retiree.
  • are a disabled former employees receiving long-term disability benefits from a university-sponsored plan, Social Security Administration, or PERF.
  • the spouse, registered domestic partner, or dependent child of an individual in any of these categories.

A dependent child is defined as a child, stepchild, or a child whose legal guardian is an eligible individual, or a child of a deceased parent or legal guardian who was an eligible employee at the time of death (provided the child was a legal dependent at the time of the parent or guardian's death), and—at the time of enrollment in the fee waiver program—

  • is age 23 and under, and
  • is unmarried, and
  • meets Internal Revenue Service requirements to be a dependent of the employee, spouse or registered same sex partner.

Enrollment in the IU Tuition Benefit Program

You have to enroll in the tuition benefit program before you register for Indiana University High School courses. The fee waiver cannot be applied to courses after you have registered.

Special Indiana University High School fee waiver enrollment forms are available from a campus human resource office or on the University Human Resource Services website. (Please note that regular IU tuition benefit forms cannot be used for this benefit.)

Completed forms should be submitted to the University Human Resource Services office for processing. After verification of eligibility, University Human Resource Services will provide your enrollment information to Indiana University High School. At that time, you may register for Indiana University High School courses with the fee waiver.

Contact Information

Questions about eligibility can be addressed to University Human Resources. See the University Human Resources website for more information about the program.

If you are an Indiana high school student who qualifies for free or reduced lunches, you may be eligible for a 25 percent discount on tuition (not fees) for IU High School courses.

For more information, contact IUHS at

If you're taking Indiana University High School courses while earning your diploma locally through a public or private high school, check with your counselor to see if your school participates in the IUHS academic scholarship program.

For every 10 course registrations Indiana University High School receives from your high school, a scholarship covering tuition for an 11th registration is awarded to the school.

Your school determines who receives the scholarship. It can award the scholarship to a student at the time it is received, or scholarships can be banked, with additional scholarships accruing for every 10 registrations. It's possible that your school has a scholarship available, so be sure to talk to your counselor.

For more information, contact IUHS at

Other scholarship opportunities

Unfortunately, Indiana University is unable to administer federal or state financial aid for students taking courses entirely through distance education. This includes Indiana University High School students.

However, many websites can help you find information about financial aid and commercial student loans. If you're employed, check to see if your company includes tuition reimbursement in its compensation package. Many companies will pay for a percentage of all educational expenses they deem appropriate. Some companies pay for your courses up front. Other companies require you to pay up front, but then reimburse you after you finish a course. If your employer is going to pay your fees, please include an official authorization for billing with your registration form.