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Student Handbook



You should only submit one lesson at a time so that you can benefit from your instructor’s comments on one lesson before turning in the next. No more than two lessons should be submitted within a one week (7 day) period. If your course has due dates, be sure to submit assignments by the due date published in the course as late lessons will not be accepted. 

Instructors normally grade lessons within one week of submission.  If your lesson has not been graded within that period, please email the instructor.  If you are on a tight schedule, communicate with the instructor in advance to see if they can help to accommodate your needs. 

You submit most of your lessons by uploading them as file attachments. Some courses require students to submit url's instead of a file. Since the nature of lessons varies by course, be sure to carefully follow the individualized instructions for composing and submitting your lessons described in each course.  Most courses require a .doc or .rtf file for written files and .mp3 or .wav for audio files.   

Important: Your lessons must be processed through Canvas. Please never send lessons directly to your instructor's email address.