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Student Handbook


The instructors who develop your courses organize lessons in a logical sequence that allows you to incrementally build your knowledge and skills. For that reason, we ask you to complete a course's lessons in the order they appear in your course guide.

Lesson Submission Policy 

Usually, you may submit up to two lessons at a time. However, we strongly recommend that you submit only one lesson at a time so that you can benefit from your instructor's comments on one lesson before turning in the next. In some courses, you are required to submit lessons one at a time.

Please note the following:

  • All previous lessons must be graded and posted to your record before additional lessons will be accepted. 

  • No lessons should be submitted beyond the midterm or other exam until you have taken the midterm or other exam.

Tip for success: Establish a realistic timeline for completing your course that includes deadlines for submitting your lessons.

Lesson Submission Policy for Semester Interactive Courses

Assignments must be submitted by the due date published in the course.  Late lessons will not be accepted.