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Student Handbook

Course Guide

Time Limit

IUHS Courses

All IUHS courses have a six month limit.  Courses not completed within six months of the registration date will automatically be dropped.  You may register for a course that has been dropped the same as any other course.

Indiana University High School courses are designed to cover a full semester of material, so typically, it will take you a minimum of 12 to 18 weeks to finish a course. As a matter of IUHS academic policy, a student must spend a minimum of six weeks in a course to earn credit. This minimum time requirement is meant to

  • discourage you from attempting to rush through courses.
  • promote an appropriate work pace.
  • allow you time to benefit from instructor feedback.

The time needed to complete will depend on the pace you work, as well as on the number of course credits and the difficulty of the course material.

Please take this information into account if you have a specific deadline for completing a course.

Important: If you have deadlines for receiving your final grade in a course, keep in mind that you must complete a course—including all lessons and exams—at least three weeks before you need your final course grade. Remember that instructors are often away during vacation periods. If you need to finish a course by a certain time, we advise you to ask your instructors about their schedules.

Course Timeout Dateclock

You must apply for the final exam (or submit your final lesson if the course does not have a final exam) before your course’s timeout date.