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Student Handbook


Centers & Supervisors

After you’ve completed all lessons before an exam, arrange an exam date and time with a qualified supervisor.

***New - Want to take your exams at home? Some of our courses use Examity as a proctor option so you can take the exams at home with an Examity online proctor. Check your syllabus to see if your course has this option. Examity is free for students. You must have a webcam to use Examity. 

If You Are Earning Your Diploma from a School Other Than Indiana University High School

If you're working on a diploma through your local school, it is possible that your principal or guidance counselor’s office may be able to supervise your exam. Some schools are unable to proctor IUHS exams. If you need to have your exam supervised elsewhere, see the next section below. ***Please note that Bloomington High School North is unable to proctor exams. 

If You Do Not Attend a High School or Are an Indiana University High School Diploma Student

If you don't attend a local school, or if you are an IUHS diploma student, you have a couple of options.

  1. If you live near an approved Indiana University exam center, you can contact the center to arrange an exam date and time.

  2. If you don't live near an Indiana University exam center, arrange to take your exam under the supervision of a local guidance counselor or high school principal, an administrative officer or designee of an accredited college or university, a military education office, or a public library administrator.

Important: Your exam supervisor must be approved by our exam department. He or she must be able to read and understand exam instructions in English and to communicate with our office by email or phone. Students are responsible for all fees assessed by the proctoring site.

Relatives cannot supervise an exam.