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IUHS is for ME!

You don't have to sit in a classroom to take courses or earn a diploma.

Traditional high schools do an excellent job of meeting the educational needs of most students. But for some, a less-traditional high school setting permits them to complete their high school education more successfully. Getting a high school diploma is one of the most important things you can do to guarantee your success later in life, whether you plan to go to college or technical school or just want to find a better-paying job. Recent U.S. census results show that high school graduates earn an average of $7,000 more per year than workers who never finish high school. And most employers (including the military), colleges, and universities strongly prefer it to the GED.

As an Indiana University High School student, you can choose from three diploma tracks: general education, college prep, and academic honors. Our courses meet Indiana Department of Education standards and are developed by high school teachers who are certified in their subject area. The courses require an equivalent amount of work and carry the same credit as courses in traditional high schools.

If you have a physical or learning disability, you may find IUHS an excellent alternative to the traditional classroom. Our online and correspondence courses allow you to work in the environment that best accommodates your learning needs, and our licensed instructors are available via phone or email to answer your questions.

Because you have up to 12 months to complete a course, you can establish a schedule that allows you to work at a pace that best suits you, allowing you to take the time you need to truly understand the material. And while you have up to 12 months, you also have the option of completing your course work in a shorter amount of time.

IUHS is for nontraditional students!

If you want to take IUHS course work to finish your high school diploma at your current high school, talk to your guidance counselor first to make sure IUHS courses meet your school's requirements and to learn how many IUHS credits you can transfer.

If you prefer to continue your high school education as an IUHS diploma student, talk with an IUHS advisor to find out what you need to do to transfer prior course work or register for IUHS classes.

Denise Lessow

Executive Director
Pinnacle School

"[Indiana University High School] is a very strong program, and it's been in existence for quite a long time. I was quite fascinated by the length of time they've been doing the high school program, the quality of the instructors who are engaged in it.

They're very good about dealing with students' issues. They have four counselors that people can talk to to negotiate issues.

The variety of the classes, the quality of the work – there were a lot of elements that are very good, so I would encourage a student to look at that."