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IUHS is for ME!

From off-site summer school to advanced course work, Indiana University High School can help your students prepare for college, graduate on time, or even finish earning a diploma from home.

How many times have you worked with a student who desperately wanted to graduate on time but was missing requirements? Have budget cuts affected your school district's ability to offer summer school or a full range of courses? Do you have students who are temporarily homebound or who have special needs? Do you need options for students who might be considering dropping out?

IUHS is a fully-accredited distance education high school that offers more than 100 high school courses and Advanced Placement courses in social studies, math, and English.

IUHS courses are based on Indiana Department of Education standards, and they require an equivalent amount of work and carry the same credit as courses offered at your school. Students have direct contact with licensed, certified instructors who provide individualized feedback on all assignments and exams.

IUHS is for educators!

Whether taking an additional course or completing their diploma from home, your students can study with IUHS while continuing to be enrolled at your school. Explore this site for a complete list of courses and fees, and to review registration information. Then talk with an IUHS advisor to learn how IUHS courses may compliment your curriculum.

IUHS has agreements with a number of schools eager to expand offerings and services to groups of their students. If you're interested in collaborating with IUHS, feel free to contact Mike Walsh or Bruce Colston.

If you have students who are already studying with IUHS, you can request a student progress report by calling 800.334.1011 or sending an email to It is important that we have a signed FERPA release form on file from the student in order to discuss their progress with you. Remember to include your school's ETS code.

Allison Dunn

Class of 2011
Carmel High School, Carmel, Indiana

“IUHS has given me the opportunity to not have to repeat my junior year. It's given me the ability to make my own schedule, and is preparing me for college because I don't have anyone babysitting me and telling me when to turn things in.”