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IUHS is for ME!

While children growing up in the military get to experience the world in ways many others can't, living a mobile lifestyle means needing a mobile education. Flexible distance education courses from Indiana University High School  can help.

With Indiana University High School, students in military families can choose from more than 100 high-quality high school courses. IUHS course work is developed by licensed high school teachers and is a fully-accredited high school program. Students can take as few as one course to transfer into their high school, or earn their high school diploma from IUHS.

Even if living in the middle of Africa, IUHS students are still able to develop relationships with their teachers. Every IUHS course is assigned an instructor who is as close as a phone call or email message. Instructors are ready to provide personalized guidance and feedback on all course lessons and exams.

IUHS makes getting a high-quality education possible at a distance, and prepares students for college-level study. In fact, IUHS graduates have been accepted at more than 100 colleges and universities, from the Big Ten to the Ivy League.

IUHS is for students in military families!

Whether you are a student who needs to take a few classes during a brief overseas deployment, or a student traveling with your family frequently who needs to find a portable high school from which to earn your diploma, IUHS can help you create the program that fits your needs.