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At Indiana University High School, you can select from three diploma tracks, all of which lead to an accredited IUHS diploma. The option you select determines the requirements you'll have to fulfill. Your options include


Indiana University High School graduates have gone on to dozens of prestigious colleges and universities. However, please note that earning an Indiana University High School diploma doesn't guarantee admission to Indiana University or other universities and colleges.


To earn an Indiana University High School diploma, you have to successfully complete at least 40 credits in various subject areas. You have to earn at least 10 of the 40 credits through Indiana University High School. A 1-credit IUHS course covers the same amount of material as a traditional high school semester course.

Important: Indiana University High School awards 1 credit for completion of a one-semester high school course. However, credit designation for a one-semester course varies from state to state. Some states grant 1/4 credit or 1/2 credit for such a course. Your state Department of Education is the most reliable source of information about the amount of credit you will earn.

An IUHS academic advisor will help you determine how credits from course work you’ve completed in another high school program can transfer to the IUHS 40-credit minimum graduation requirement.

As a diploma student, you may order a transcript through our online transcript request form. Each transcript request costs $10.

Registering for Courses before Being Admitted to IUHS

You are welcome to take IUHS courses before being formally admitted to the diploma program. However, be aware that the courses you take may not necessarily apply toward IUHS graduation requirements.

To make sure that the courses you'd like to take meet IUHS graduation requirements, please talk to an IUHS academic advisor.