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Registering Is Easy!

You may register for Indiana University High School courses at any time during the year. First, look over the student handbook to familiarize yourself with important information about Indiana University High School. Next, browse through our courses and select the course or courses you'd like to register for.

 New IUHS Students – Students who have never taken an IUHS Course

  1. Create a  Guest Account for the student.  The Guest Account username (typically the student's email address) and password will be used to access Canvas.  The name on the Guest Account MUST be the student's legal name.  Parents should not put their name in the Guest Account for the student. Activate the Guest Account by following the instructions in the activation email message.

  2. Log into Canvas with the Guest Account credentials. (This establishes a Canvas account for you so we can eventually add classes after your register for them.  Canvas is our course platform.)

  3. Complete the information form. (This creates an account for the student in Dragon, the course registration system.  Students must use their full legal name.)

  4. Once you have completed the three above steps, you register for courses by following the instructions for  Returning IUHS Students below.

Returning IUHS Students - If you have previously enrolled in an IUHS course or have applied to IUHS:

A.      Using your IUHS username and password, log into Dragon (student management system). Password reset options are available at this link.

B.      Once logged into Dragon, on the left-hand side find the “Student Tools” Box

C.      Use the “Register for Classes” option in the “Student Tools” box and follow the instructions.  Do not register for a course until you are nearly ready to begin work. All courses have a six-month time limit from the date of registration. Do not register for the second semester part of a course until you are finished or nearly finished with the first semester course.

D.      Choose your course(s) and complete payment process

E.       Follow all instructions provided in the follow-up email sent by IUHS.  Please reply to the message and include your Guest Account (Canvas) username.  This triggers us to add you to the course roster(s).  Dragon does not automatically add students to courses in Canvas.  

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at